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Welcome to iFixScreens Staten Island


Recycle.iFixScreens is a Franchise-owned company located in Staten Island, New York proudly serving individuals and businesses on the East Coast with their computers and electronics upgrade needs, accepting computers and electronics waste in any conditions.

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Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.
We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner.
We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

Our Mission

About Us
Our mission is to keep as much electronic waste from ending up in local landfills as we can

Reducing e-waste involves properly disposing of old electronics and opting for repair or refurbishment to extend their lifespan. By making environmentally conscious decisions, we can minimize the harmful impact of e-waste on our planet.

Our Reduse Program encourages customers to donate their unused or broken electronics for responsible recycling and reuse. This initiative helps prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills and supports the circular economy.

Recycle more by participating in our easy and convenient recycling program, which accepts a wide range of electronic devices. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing the environmental impact of e-waste.

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